West. Russia in final Pal.-early Mes.
Excavations at Ozerki 1990-92
Adaptation to lithic raw material
Flint use on Upper Volga
Technology of manufacture of bone arrowheads
Mesolithic Bone Industry... (monogr. summary)
Shigir type arrowheads
Early Mesolithic site Prislon 1
Transition from Mes. to Neol. on Upper Volga
Cronology of transition from Mes. to Neol
Technology of manufacture of bone daggers
The site Okayomovo 4
Artifacts made of teeth and jaws
Exploitation of birds in Early Mesolithic
Publications in English

Articles, published in English in various journals, symposium and conference proceedings etc, concerning the Stone Age of Eastern Europe and surrounding territories. Translations of some articles, originally published in Russian into English. Summaries and abstracts of articles, published in Russian.

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